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      Customer Tools

      Customer Tools

      Use DCP customer tools for direct access to your natural gas production data, revenue reporting and more.


      Pipeline Activity Informational Posting

        Region   Pipelines
      Cimarron River Cimarron River Pipeline
      DIGP Dauphin Island Gathering Partners
      North Pipelines in CO, WY and MI (includes Jackson Pipeline)
      Mid-Continent Pipelines in Central OK, OK, TX Panhandle and Southern KS
      Permian Pipelines in NM and West TX (includes DCP Raptor Pipeline)
      South Pipelines in South and Central TX, East TX, LA, and AL (includes Centana Intrastate Pipeline Storage, Centana Intrastate Pipeline Transport, DCP Guadalupe Pipeline, and EasTrans Transport)

      Additional NGL Information

      Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Logistics & Pipeline Overview
      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Meter Data (FITS)

      What is FITS?
      FITS (Field Information & Technology Service) uses DCP's extensive telemetry and communication infrastructure to provide our customers with timely, accurate and reliable access to daily gas production data at your fingertips. With a variety of delivery options, you can have access to production data whenever and wherever you need it.

      Is FITS a paid service?
      Yes, DCP offers two levels of FITS Service, the base service and the premium service to give even greater flexibility to manage your production data while keeping costs down.

      FITS Base Service:
      Provides natural gas producers access to view and download basic daily production volumes.

      FITS Premium Service:
      Provides real-time lease production values, including volumes, temperatures and pressures, plus daily and hour-by-hour historical production information via web, email or FTP transfer.
        FITS Feature Comparison   Base   Premium
      Unlimited internet users
      60 Days production data
      MCF Daily Daily / Hourly
      Line Pressure Daily Daily / Hourly
      Differential Pressure Daily Daily / Hourly
      Temperature Daily Daily / Hourly
      MMBTU Daily Daily / Hourly
      Download to CSV or TXT
      Graphing Tools  
      Gas Analysis  
      Operational Information  
      Daily Email Reports  
      FTP Data Delivery  
      24-Hour Real Time Data  

      How can I get access to FITS?
      Learn more about FITS packaging and pricing, contact the FITS team at or FITS@dcpmidstream.com

      Revenue Reporting & Operator Allocations (CDP)

      What is TIPS/MyQuorum?
      TIPS is a plant accounting system that allows our users to manage their CDP monthly allocations and gives them access to monthly revenue reports 24/7.

      How do I get access to Revenue Reports and/or Operator Allocations
      Go to our online registration form.

      Do I need Direct Deposit setup for any of these services?
      Yes, Direct Deposit is required to be setup with Revenue Reports and Operator Allocations.

      CDP Operator Allocations
      With access to TIPS/MyQuorum, you have the ability to enter your monthly Central Delivery Point (CDP) splits. Splits can be entered based on volumes or percentages.

      Revenue Reports
      Available revenue reports in our TIPS/MyQuorum system include:

      - Check Stub Detail
      - Gas Statements
      - Invoice Detail
      - Imbalance Statement
      - Settlement Data (.csv)
      - Operator Allocations Report

      Who can I contact for more information on Revenue Reports or CDP Operator Allocations?
      For more information access the Interest Owners/Producers Self-Service Portal

      Nominations (Aligne)

      Who can I contact for more information on Aligne?
      Questions regarding access, usage and/or scheduling should be sent to your DCP Gas Logistics scheduler or to our Aligne support team at Contact Aligne@dcpmidstream.com

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